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Get off the couch and open up with a new and active approach to counseling. Your healing begins outdoors where together we focus on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Some people find it more helpful walking side by side instead of sitting across from their therapist. Walk Talk Therapy allows people to feel more comfortable opening up. It’s an active way to get help and talk about your problems. Therapy sessions are conducted at scenic Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

The Top 5 reasons Walk Talk Therapy is for you
  • You want more physical activity and need encouragement and accountability
  • You feel stuck and disconnected from people
  • You have trouble sitting still and would rather be moving
  • You need someone to give you a different perspective
  • You want to make changes in your life but don’t know where to start

Walk Talk Therapy’s goal is to help you feel better and more in control of your life.

We will talk about your concerns and focus on the doing of getting better.