Benefits to you

Outdoor Counseling Sessions in Minneapolis with Tammie Rosenbloom, MSW,LICSW

Here is what we will work on:



Coping skills to make healthier choices
  • Turn worrisome situations into manageable situations
  • Tools to feel more in control of your moods
  • Proven techniques to be more assertive
  • Mindfulness techniques to stay in the present moment
  • Problem solving skills for situations you want to change
Teens & Young Adults
  • Manage your worries
  • Improve attention
  • Confidential trusted person to discuss your concerns
  • Talk to your parents about difficult topics
  • Walk outdoors with your therapist in a more natural setting
  • Communicate effectively with friends, teachers and your boss
  • Create great self care- sleeping, eating, exercise
  • Validate your children in a genuine way
  • Advocate for your child within the school system
  • Talk about difficult subjects with your teens
  • Address suspected chemical use
  • Manage social media influences on your teen
  • Practice listening skills


Some people come to me for help getting over a rough patch while others come to me when their situation is more urgent. Either way or anything in between, we will find out what’s working and not working in your life and learn new ways to handle your concerns. Think of me as your coach providing you encouragement and problem solving.


Many clients tell me they have seen other therapists and they’ve done a lot of talking about their problems and the problems remain (or very little doing something about it). I am known for helping clients take action and DO something about their concerns.


I will be your confidant and guide. You will find me easy to talk to and non judgmental. I am walking next to you encouraging you while you take our ideas and practice them outside of our sessions.


I believe the most compassionate thing I will do as your therapist is to help you get the life you want to live.